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Outlook University Independent School Network (OUISN)

This website is a comprehensive lens into our work directly with students and families for Home-to-School achievement, school-wide organizational improvement interventions, proficiency-focused research, and the OUISN success work directly with state education agencies.  Our services are for better outcomes for all students; however, our current work targets Black, Hispanic, and students with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs).  “The OUISN Equity Center” specializes in More Rigorous Interventions (MRI).

Explore the OUISN options for school-aged students and adult learners with a continuum of K-12 and collegial courses.  We offer teacher and administrator training, development, and coaching in the form of face-to-face and virtual support.  Students, family members, all educators, and stakeholders are inspired using a unique project-based format characterized by “The FAME Fudge Factory,” “The Project-based Learning Factory,” and “Outlook Academy Radio & Podcast.”  These Community Learning Environments are housed within The OUISN Equity Center.  Use the website “tabs” for a deep dive into OUISN services and opportunities.