This page is dedicated to video affirmations with World Leaders Academy.

Anything is possible if you believe it, claim it, and name it!





Self-empowerment, positive thinking, and an “I can” disposition are attributes of affirmations.  Positive statements repeated with intent to self-challenge and stifle self-defeating negative thoughts are affirmations.


Use this link to create a “Personal Affirmation”


You will be asked the following prompt questions:

  • What drives you to accomplish a task with Integrity?  Describe what triggers your motivation.

  • “The world is based on a meritocratic system.”  The way opportunity is distributed doesn’t always seem fair.  What advice would you give yourself to push through adversity?

  • Use a series of three – five “I will” statements to describe how you see your personal achievements 10 years from now.

  • If you were given the task of advising or mentoring someone younger what would your message be?