What happens after the streets settle?
Where will all that energy go?
How will it be channeled in schools and workplaces?  
“We offer a Racial Healing and Racial Equity Agenda” through a continuum of conversations and action-projects.
“If you are a school district or business that has a Diversity and Inclusion Director or Equity Officer, The OUISN Equity Center can add-value to your current initiatives.”
“Our training’s are unapologetic-ally deep-diving regarding racial discussions and healing activities.”
Recognize (it)
Name (it)
Synthesize (it)
Deconstruct (it)
Reconstruct (“It”)
Lead (“It”)
“Take your organization on a deep-diving journey.”
Current Community Conversation
Crime in the Black Community
Is “Black-on-Black” Crime a “Fact-or-Myth”?
Action Project
Student and Family Ambassadors Program
Teachers and Administrators Ambassadors Program
We authenticate to your context. 
We also offer a monthly discussion for Subscribers to participate with our “Virtual Racial Healing and Racial Equity Project.”
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