“Become a Teacher” 

The OUISN School of Teacher Education

(in partnership with)

“Southern University and A&M College – School of Education”

The OUISN School of Teacher Education offers pathways into a career teaching!  We can prepare you for a journey that will be life changing for you and your future students.  Our programming is specific toward targeting areas and students with low proficiency performance.  Our aim is to prepare teachers to be “agents of transformation” that are ready to eliminate achievement gaps through a spirit of racial healing and racial equity.  We are “open admission” for those ready to commit to our programming scope and sequence. 

Our process begins with your submission of a resume and “A Video Letter of Interest.”  There are no wrong answers!  We just want you to dive deep into “your opinions” about the topics presented.

The OUISN School of Teacher Education pathways include:

  • Preparation Programming:  Certified Teacher Assistant – Paraprofessional – Teacher Education Programming

  • Interdisciplinary Studies Programming:  Prior College Credits, ACT (22) Readiness Pre-Educator – ARL Programming

  • Teacher Educator Programming:  “Alternative Route-to-Licensure” / “Formal Scope and Sequence Programming”

  • Dual Enrollment / Early College Programming:  “Elementary, Middle and High School Students”