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Needs Assessment Part I

Targeted Support and Improvement (TSI)
Additional Targeted Support and Improvement (ATSI)

This survey will be used as a gauge to determine TSI/ATSI “supports” needed at the school level.  Supports are defined as SPP and CIP coaching, intervention analysis or implementation, and collaborative development of a Nevada State Intervention Gallery. For this survey, the term “capacity” is operationally defined as Organizational Structural Time, Human Resource Availability, District Obligations, and Heavily Engaged in Internal Improvement. As a result, the characteristics of capacity create the categories for the survey.

Organizational Time (school-level): 
The contracted school scheduled time dedicated to the critical structures of daily operations.

Human Resource Capacity (school-level):
The contracted time to task-specific to academic and socioemotional personnel within the
building. Anyone certified to work with students as identified by the cooperating school

District Obligations (school-level):
The school-level non-negotiable district-wide initiatives aimed at adding value to schools
identified as in need of improvement.

Heavily Engaged with Internal Development and Improvement Efforts (school-level):
Can demonstrate a continuum of intervention efforts to outcomes. In alignment with
documented achievement expectations.

* Use the definitions above to answer the "guiding" question below.
No AvailabilityLimited Availability (2-4 hours/month)Full Availability
(4-6 hours/month)
Request Comprehensive (Annual)
Organization Structural Time (School Level)
Human Resource Availability (School Level)
District Obligations (School Level)
Heavily Engaged with Internal Development and Improvement Efforts


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