Current Outlook University Programming

Thank you for your interest in Outlook University Independent School Network (OUISN).  Outlook University is a network of early college / dual enrollment pathways that offer up to 30 college credits at “Outlook Private College.”  OUISN offers a personalized general education platform that ready’s students for any area of collegial study or trade.  Outlook University is a private “virtual / blended-model” of education that is tuition-free.  The cost to families comes with educational projects, administrative, and content facilitation fees.  Our pathways include the following:

  • Teacher Education 
  • Business, Urban Planning, and International Studies
  • Pre-Medicine
  • Engineering
  • Leadership, Sports, and Wellness
  • Fine Arts
OUISN’s private 3 – 12 schools and the Outlook Private College are actively preparing for accreditation.  OUISN offers a personalized and interactive project-based platform with strong emphasis on literacy, standard-based methodologies, and a spiritual wellness continuum.   

Registration Steps

  • Complete the online registration forms
  • Complete the Video Letter of Interest
  • You will receive an emailed letter alerting you to your acceptance status and tuition fee schedule of costs.
  • An Outlook University counselor will contract you to create your personalized general education course scope and sequence toward graduation (“Advisory Session”).
  • During the “Advisory Session” mentioned in step four (4) you will choose your early college / dual enrollment major (“pathway”) toward 30 collegial credits.
  • The Advisory Session includes a list of your instructors, virtual start date, and schedule for face-to-face project-based activities.
  • The registration process ends with you receiving a “Convocation Video.”